Actually, let’s be clear…that’s Astronomical Phenom.  COME ON NOW!! That is a great name!

I’m quickly finding out that…MILITARY MINDED GOES FAR AND WIDE!

Allow me to introduce you to another M2 soldier…


…or Astro P

Astro P is originally from California.  He grew up all over the united states, but Chicago is where hip hop started for him.  Influenced by his mother, father and baby brother  (who all were musicians) Astro P became the only vocalist in his house hold.  Back in 1996 when he discovered the Chicago rap scene, he was quickly influenced by Twista and Do or Die; and thanks to his mentor “DJ Stylez” (Free Stylez), Astro took to the art of free styling.  Since then he has created Go Hard Ent and compiled the hottest local artist in the West suburbs of Chicago.  Now its time for him to show the world why he is a song writer, CEO, producer, manager, artist and not to mention and up and coming mixer and master.  That’s why Astro and his brother created Stand & Lean Productions…and now he is the newest member of TeamM2 (Military Minded Entertainment).

When asked how he connected with Dinero and Military Minded Astro explains.  “I knew D from highschool… We went to opposing HS’s… Long story short we bumped into each other at MEPS back in 08… He was on his way back to the Army and I was on my way to the Air Force from there we been in contact… I tossed him a beat and its been history ever since so now i’m riding with the team!”

Like I said before; Military Minded indeed!

Check out more from Astronomical Phenom at…






Instagram: Astro_P2020

Stay tuned for more from Military Minded, and as always…you never know what you might get when …AndreaSpeakz


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